Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Chrysalis Experience

So as you may see although us butterflies look the ultimate of perfection and beauty which of course we are: we had to earn this and very often in a very hard way.

Whether we are bound to Fae or Fae bound to us the lessons are just the same but those human kind, well, they often overlook the fact that the simplest of things have a great deal of work beneath the surface.

It all depends on how the humankind see or for the most part do not.
They just seem to take so much for granted.

I Was Born To Be Victorious

By Clyde E. Gumbs

I was born to be victorious

That is the birthright offered me

But when deep in life’s illusions

That is not what I could see

I was born for wondrous purpose

Inspiring to both great and small

But I lacked crucial awareness

To see what now is clear to all

For so long it seemed so hopeless

No matter what I’d do or say

I was a soul lost in the wilderness

Without hope I’d ever find my way

In the depths of deep confusion

Acting out insanity

At odds with all I’d ever dreamt of

At odds with my own destiny

I was a fraud and an impostor

That is what I had thought of me

So undeserving and unworthy

Is all I thought that I could be

I didn’t strain and sweat and struggle

As the worthy always do I said

Therefore my gifts and genius had no value

At least not to me within my head

So much failure and disappointment

Scattered all across my path

Shame, guilt, despair and resignation

All of life’s humiliating wrath

But I could never truly be defeated

The Angels always stood with me

No matter how far I’d ever fallen

After every time you’d still see me

I was born to be victorious

That is what I was born to be

After I surrendered all the pretense

A vision was all that I could see

A world of only those inspired

Inspiring others constantly

Passionately living lives of purpose

Each fulfilling their own destiny

An instrumentality of purpose

That is what I was born to be

A demonstration of the vision

That is what is really me

I am exultant and inspired

To be what I was born to be

I was born to be victorious

I was born merely to be me

The Miraculous Fulfillment of Potential


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