Monday, August 31, 2009

A Fairy Tale thats all too close to Home

This is very close to my heart for my own special reasons ~

Over Hill Dale and through Valleys below

Whats up with a 100 days

If you want to know more about co-creating your own reality in a workshop setting there is one online and can be found here ~

Its called the Hundred Day Reality Challenge ~
Its about Mastering Universal Laws and Principles.

You may think we have stayed far from Hundred Acre Wood but in fact my friends there have this down to a find art.

Well its time to throw caution to the wind once again and head out into the countryside to visit family and friends who were kind enough to invite me ~

I am looking forward to seeing the new born animals and wild flowers too.

My estimated time of arrival is unknown but that's just the way with Butterflies and Fairies too I do believe ~

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Butterfly Magic Carpet Flight

Sharing a Real Enchanted Forest

Here we get to step out of the Magical Realm and into the reality of Perth-shire in England where they put on a magical display every year ~ perhaps we have not have muddled up what is real and what is not ~ is it all an illusion ?

Much of the work I do with my friends on FaceBook we question this theory ~ and many more philosophical things apart from having fun !

Is everything an illusion , are we co-creators of our own reality ?

Much to think on here ~

Anyway here is the video ~ you can make up your own mind !

The event was created by The Forestry Commission Scotland and filmed by Glass Bullet Productions Ltd. It is put on yearly.

A Magical ViewPoint

One of the best things about being a free spirit is that we get to see the world from a lot of different perspectives ~

I am not sure if this in an innate thing or a learned thing but it sure is fun to share it with our family ~

One of my favorite perspectives is that of being in woodlands forests or anywhere amongst trees, tress hold a special energy, they are light beings of their own kind and in LOTR they were referred to as ENT's.....of course they played a good role too.

Here is one of my one of my very fave vids called Mystical Woods ~
I feel like I belong right inside there !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taking flight

Taking flight into uncharted lands for awhile ~

An adventure is always a worthwhile pursuit !

Anyone care to join me and fly off for the rest of the weekend ?

This is quite normal for me in my natural state, throw caution to the wind and take flight off to the wind over the tree tops and into the mountain meadows near where I used to live.

Why Metamorphosis one might ask

Easy ~
It was a day of decision but mostly of change for me in my personal and internet world which are rather combined, I try and separate the two but often they intermingle.

Anyway, I did not wish to be defined by others hence the title of this blog and I wanted to recapture some essence of my inner child which seemed to have gone untapped and astray for quite a while.

This is not the norm for me at all ~ even more reason to reconnect with what makes me tick and rethink on where I wanted to spread my wings.

I use metaphor and simile a lot ~
( I hope those are the correct words if they are not too bad lol ) because I relate a lot to nature, stories, children and Gaia ~ Mother Earth.

Not to mention the inhabitants of middle earth like fairies and such.

Today I still believe in ~ and apparently so do many others, that is why LOTR is so popular !

I wonder when that crew will start on filming the Hobbit ?

I must say I love adult fairy tales in fact most fairy tales are adult stories or fables.

More on that later ~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The ultimate example of metamorphosis is the butterfly ~
I have related to butterflies, flutterbys and flutterflys all my life in one form or another.

Be it free and wild, in a soft cocoon, in various art form and I share this love with family and friends ~

I have also been down many a rabbit hole but today I jumped over field and stream to venture into new ground with fresh grass a few orbs and a touch of magic.

The moss is green and lush, the air sweet and clean, free from contaminated greed and I can actually feel myself breathe........ ahhhhh !

Of course Hundred Acre Wood is nearby so a lot of my childhood friends are just a call or walk or even a fly away ~

We are a wealthy bunch, because we actually have real friends from all over this world and other galaxies that we can actually count on and each of us know our place and purpose and that means a lot to us.

Ahh I hear a call I think its time to fly off someplace to learn another lesson ~
I will be back soon ~