Saturday, October 3, 2009

Renunion of Fae Souls Celebration

It is joyful, it is freedom, we fly high above our secret castle in the sky that is above even the earth bounds ~

How lucky we are ~ we have called for a meeting of all the Fae Souls in joyful gathering to put forth our plans ~
Treats will be served and much festivity will take place amongst lotus and rose petals that took flight as well ~ come come join us !

Listen to the gentle sounds caress your Souls ~

Friday, October 2, 2009

Healing Harmonies

And we Thank the Great Spirits that our gentle but strong properties are once again restored.

This is a gentle chant that we use ~ notice the healing waters that are intented with great love.

Song: Peyote Healing by Robbie Robertson

Wani wachiyelo Ate omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live)
Wani wachiyelo Ate omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live)
Wani wachiyelo Ate omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live)

Atay nimichikun (Father you have done this)
Oshiya chichiyelo (Humbly have pity on me)

Wani wachiyelo Atay omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live)
Wani wachiyelo Atay omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live)
Wani wachiyelo Atay (Father I want to live)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Chrysalis Experience

So as you may see although us butterflies look the ultimate of perfection and beauty which of course we are: we had to earn this and very often in a very hard way.

Whether we are bound to Fae or Fae bound to us the lessons are just the same but those human kind, well, they often overlook the fact that the simplest of things have a great deal of work beneath the surface.

It all depends on how the humankind see or for the most part do not.
They just seem to take so much for granted.

I Was Born To Be Victorious

By Clyde E. Gumbs

I was born to be victorious

That is the birthright offered me

But when deep in life’s illusions

That is not what I could see

I was born for wondrous purpose

Inspiring to both great and small

But I lacked crucial awareness

To see what now is clear to all

For so long it seemed so hopeless

No matter what I’d do or say

I was a soul lost in the wilderness

Without hope I’d ever find my way

In the depths of deep confusion

Acting out insanity

At odds with all I’d ever dreamt of

At odds with my own destiny

I was a fraud and an impostor

That is what I had thought of me

So undeserving and unworthy

Is all I thought that I could be

I didn’t strain and sweat and struggle

As the worthy always do I said

Therefore my gifts and genius had no value

At least not to me within my head

So much failure and disappointment

Scattered all across my path

Shame, guilt, despair and resignation

All of life’s humiliating wrath

But I could never truly be defeated

The Angels always stood with me

No matter how far I’d ever fallen

After every time you’d still see me

I was born to be victorious

That is what I was born to be

After I surrendered all the pretense

A vision was all that I could see

A world of only those inspired

Inspiring others constantly

Passionately living lives of purpose

Each fulfilling their own destiny

An instrumentality of purpose

That is what I was born to be

A demonstration of the vision

That is what is really me

I am exultant and inspired

To be what I was born to be

I was born to be victorious

I was born merely to be me

The Miraculous Fulfillment of Potential


Our poems promote inquiry, illumination, acknowledgment, awareness and transformation as an access to inspiration, excellence and fulfillment.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dust in the Wind

Sometimes, us Fae.........well when we get a little
earth bound or man made bound or spend too much time in what humans call a civilized world.

And....well we loose some of our special inherent qualities like our wings might fail to thrive.......a sure sign something is wrong.

Humans get all sorts of funny things they go and make a fuss about but our kind well if you knew us you would know.

We start to take on other forms, animals might like to creep into skin and take on a life of their own, our flaxen hair might even start to look like a beautiful red fox's coat.

Its a funny experience to experience and not bad once in a while because it reminds us of who we truly are and where we come from and where we must go back to.

So in this going back process ~ another tansformation ~ we have to silently sip nectar from honeysuckle and just await our fragile wing growth before we can take flight again.

While we do this we dwell a little on our lessons learned.
Humans call it a Karmic thing.

We have a lovely song to the dist in the wind brings us to soothe us while we wait.
I have even heard some human ears have heard this angelic voice too.

If you come across it in your dreams or travels be sure to take note that something is about to happen in your life ~ for the wind is a messenger of all kinds ~

I close my eyes
only for a moment
and the moment's gone
all my dreams
pass before my eyes a curiosity
dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind

Same old song
just a drop of water
in the endless sea
all we do
crumbles to the ground
though we refuse to see
dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind

Now, don't hang on
nothing last forever
but the earth and sky
it slips away

And all your money
won't another minute buy

Dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind
dust in the wind
everything is dust in the wind

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Woods and Snow

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

Monday, September 14, 2009

Karmic Footprints

Treat the earth well:
It was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.
Native American Wisdom
~ taken from youtube.


And so it was the beautiful soul whose life was trapped by a mirror became renewed;

She was no longer held prisoner to it or four walls but could fly over the land she loved and longed to be part of ~

Free, in fresh air and unhurt.

All her sadness slipped away during her transition as she was granted a new winged life of love and freedom she had never experienced before.

And perhaps so it is with us; As there is death in life so there is life is death.

No endings only renewed beginnings ~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Lady of Shalott

Some Butterflies unknown to the outside world seem destined to a different end to find their peace.

The Lady of Shalott.

On either side the river lie Long fields of barley and of rye,

That clothe the wold and meet the sky;

And thro' the field the road runs by To many-tower'd Camelot;

And up and down the people go,

Gazing where the lilies blow Round an island there below,

The island of Shalott.

Willows whiten, aspens quiver,
Little breezes dusk and shiver
Through the wave that runs for ever
By the island in the river
Flowing down to Camelot.
Four grey walls, and four grey towers,
Overlook a space of flowers,
And the silent isle imbowers
The Lady of Shalott.

By the margin, willow veil'd,
Slide the heavy barges trail'd
By slow horses; and unhail'd
The shallop flitteth silken-sail'd
Skimming down to Camelot:
But who hath seen her wave her hand?
Or at the casement seen her stand?
Or is she known in all the land,
The Lady of Shalott?

Only reapers, reaping early,
In among the bearded barley
Hear a song that echoes cheerly
From the river winding clearly;
Down to tower'd Camelot;
And by the moon the reaper weary,
Piling sheaves in uplands airy,
Listening, whispers, " 'Tis the fairy
Lady of Shalott."

There she weaves by night and day
A magic web with colours gay.
She has heard a whisper say,
A curse is on her if she stay
To look down to Camelot.
She knows not what the curse may be,
And so she weaveth steadily,
And little other care hath she,
The Lady of Shalott.

And moving through a mirror clear
That hangs before her all the year,
Shadows of the world appear.
There she sees the highway near
Winding down to Camelot;
There the river eddy whirls,
And there the surly village churls,
And the red cloaks of market girls
Pass onward from Shalott.

Sometimes a troop of damsels glad,
An abbot on an ambling pad,
Sometimes a curly shepherd lad,
Or long-hair'd page in crimson clad
Goes by to tower'd Camelot;
And sometimes through the mirror blue
The knights come riding two and two.
She hath no loyal Knight and true,
The Lady of Shalott.

But in her web she still delights
To weave the mirror's magic sights,
For often through the silent nights
A funeral, with plumes and lights
And music, went to Camelot;
Or when the Moon was overhead,
Came two young lovers lately wed.
"I am half sick of shadows," said
The Lady of Shalott.

A bow-shot from her bower-eaves,
He rode between the barley sheaves,
The sun came dazzling thro' the leaves,
And flamed upon the brazen greaves
Of bold Sir Lancelot.
A red-cross knight for ever kneel'd
To a lady in his shield,
That sparkled on the yellow field,
Beside remote Shalott.

The gemmy bridle glitter'd free,
Like to some branch of stars we see
Hung in the golden Galaxy.
The bridle bells rang merrily
As he rode down to Camelot:
And from his blazon'd baldric slung
A mighty silver bugle hung,
And as he rode his armor rung
Beside remote Shalott.

All in the blue unclouded weather
Thick-jewell'd shone the saddle-leather,
The helmet and the helmet-feather
Burn'd like one burning flame together,
As he rode down to Camelot.
As often thro' the purple night,
Below the starry clusters bright,
Some bearded meteor, burning bright,
Moves over still Shalott.

His broad clear brow in sunlight glow'd;
On burnish'd hooves his war-horse trode;
From underneath his helmet flow'd
His coal-black curls as on he rode,
As he rode down to Camelot.
From the bank and from the river
He flashed into the crystal mirror,
"Tirra lirra," by the river
Sang Sir Lancelot.

She left the web, she left the loom,
She made three paces through the room,
She saw the water-lily bloom,
She saw the helmet and the plume,
She look'd down to Camelot.
Out flew the web and floated wide;
The mirror crack'd from side to side;
"The curse is come upon me," cried
The Lady of Shalott.

In the stormy east-wind straining,
The pale yellow woods were waning,
The broad stream in his banks complaining.
Heavily the low sky raining
Over tower'd Camelot;
Down she came and found a boat
Beneath a willow left afloat,
And around about the prow she wrote
The Lady of Shalott.

And down the river's dim expanse
Like some bold seer in a trance,
Seeing all his own mischance --
With a glassy countenance
Did she look to Camelot.
And at the closing of the day
She loosed the chain, and down she lay;
The broad stream bore her far away,
The Lady of Shalott.

Lying, robed in snowy white
That loosely flew to left and right --
The leaves upon her falling light --
Thro' the noises of the night,
She floated down to Camelot:
And as the boat-head wound along
The willowy hills and fields among,
They heard her singing her last song,
The Lady of Shalott.

Heard a carol, mournful, holy,
Chanted loudly, chanted lowly,
Till her blood was frozen slowly,
And her eyes were darkened wholly,
Turn'd to tower'd Camelot.
For ere she reach'd upon the tide
The first house by the water-side,
Singing in her song she died,
The Lady of Shalott.

Under tower and balcony,
By garden-wall and gallery,
A gleaming shape she floated by,
Dead-pale between the houses high,
Silent into Camelot.
Out upon the wharfs they came,
Knight and Burgher, Lord and Dame,
And around the prow they read her name,
The Lady of Shalott.

Who is this? And what is here?
And in the lighted palace near
died the sound of royal cheer;
And they crossed themselves for fear, All the Knights at Camelot;
But Lancelot mused a little space
He said,
"She has a lovely face;

God in his mercy lend her grace,

The Lady of Shalott."

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Going Zen

These videos encompass a great deal of what Zen means to me in a brief
but very lovely summary of music, words and images.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Rumi : Sufi Poem

Rumi's poems elegantly and consistently touch our inner being and inspire us to go beyond our limitations towards the Divine.

The music:
The credits do appear at the end of this video, but it is by the composer, Eleni Karaindrou, and is the theme music called "Eternity and a Day" from the movie, Aggelopoulos.

A note on the music:
This entire video was constructed in silence-only the poem and the images were put together without my knowing what music would be the right one.

The music is so important to the interpretation of these poems.
Rather than reading them, the music is my voice.
When I 'laid' this beautiful piece of music over the video it fit perfectly.
Few edits were made to accommodate the images to fit the music.
They seem to be made for each other.

Note for those who overlook the message and want to 'claim' Rumi as their own (country, nationality, language) they've missed the point completely and these comments will be deleted. ( from youtube )

Lost and Found are all Returned

Sophia’s Lost and Found

In Sophia’s lost and found:
some underwater,
some underfoot,
some afloat in midair.
For Sophia, nothing is lost.

Gifts return and return and never lost return
again and again as
ores, minerals, seeds, bones.
Gold washed down to the sea, silver and copper
lost and found again there.

These bones that carry me
shall return as minerals to Earth and water.

These rare blue clays,
these grasses and moonflowers, fishes and
animals with knowing eyes,
made of potsherds flow
from Sophia’s lost and found.

Taken from poems from Above and Below

A World of Butterflys Formations

Sunday, September 6, 2009

No matter how Dark One can Always find Light

The Magic of Re-Birth Wisdom of the Eagles

"All is flux; nothing stays still."

The Legend of the Eagle may be a myth, but it is one that gives insight.

Many times in our own lives, we also have to face hard decisions that lead us to the need of a rebirth process.

To embrace challenges and changes is never an easy assignment.

Sometimes we have to learn how to detach ourselves of traditions, concepts, addictions and old costumes.

Even old memories can hold us from flying higher in our lives.

The tales regarding Eagles and Humans are very similar; both have tough choices to make during their lifetimes.

Those decisions will determine the height and the magnitude of their flight and existence.

The transition from one state to another is rarely effortless.
Sometimes, it is very painful.

But without this change, we would not grow and become who we are meant to be.
Freedom is a conquered state of mind.

Humanity Healing©2008

How do you tell the Light from the Darkness ?

In Time We Will All learn this Lesson

On Art and Life

I would love to have a talk with each of you,

on Art and Life.

It is in our uniqueness,
that for each, 'The Dance' is different.
It is in this uniqueness,
that we each, are an expression of 'The Wholeness,'
Whatever meaning, you wish to ascribe to this...
I would love to know...

The joy is in the sharing.
Each one of you I sense are Lights.
On This Journey... this parenthesis in Eternity,
We call' Life'.....
We needs, bring all the light, we can, to this way.
Whether you perceive your journey by foot or by boat,
Whatever locomotion moves you,

I would love to know....
Whatever metaphor, brings Your Journey to meaningfulness....
Whichever tributary you choose,
In this moment to take You...
Back to Source.........
I would love to know...

What brings you to that place in Creation?
Where the dance begins; and from deep within,
a fountain of living water, bubbles up.
Unfolding in ever new, and more beautiful ways.
I would love to know..
I would love to know..

That we might share our understandings,
walk in each others shoes,
grow in love and empathy for our brother/sisters position,
whatever and wherever that is..
from a place of unconditional Agape and non judgement
And share the Joys of this most profound and moving
experience that we call Life.
I would Love to know...I would Love to know..

Each one of you better
That I may truly call you Friend,
and in Divine Time,
Know You, even as You are Known.
What a Dream...... Who has the courage...
To Share..........
I would Love to Know.

All the Blessings of life to each of you,
Wherever you are on the Journey.


( words from YouTube )

Art and Life or is Art Life ?

Frailty of this Angel

Peaceful we go into the Light

Mystic Forest ~ Alashram DVD ~ Teachers of Light 7

- VID Below -

This video is presented with the music of snatam kaur and is designed to bring peace and rest to the mind.

It is on dvd 7 of the Teachers of Light series - there are no words other than the singing - Alashram means soul family and our soul family is located at

- join us -

Mystic Forest Alashram DVD Teachers of Light GoldRing rysa5 enlightenment abundance music and video creation beauty art soul family spiritual alignment ascension wayshower.

( all text taken from YouTube )

Two Well Known Little Fae's of Mine


All day long they come and go--
Pittypat and Tippytoe;
Footprints up and down the hall,
Playthings scattered on the floor,
Finger-marks along the wall,
Tell-tale smudges on the door--
By these presents you shall know
Pittypat and Tippytoe

How they riot at their play!
And a dozen times a day
In they troop, demanding bread--
Only buttered bread will do,
And the butter must be spread
Inches thick with sugar too!
And I never can say, "No,
Pittypat and Tippytoe!"

Sometimes there are griefs to soothe,
Sometimes ruffled brows to smooth;
For (I much regret to say)
Tippytoe and Pittypat
Sometimes interrupt their play
With an internecine spat;
Fie, for shame! to quarrel so--
Pittypat and Tippytoe!

Oh the thousand worrying things
Every day recurrent brings!
Hands to scrub and hair to brush,
Search for playthings gone amiss,
Many a wee complaint to hush,
Many a little bump to kiss;
Life seems one vain, fleeting show
To Pittypat and Tippytoe!

And when day is at an end,
There are little duds to mend;
Little frocks are strangely torn,
Little shoes great holes reveal,
Little hose, but one day worn,
Rudely yawn at toe and heel!
Who but you could work such woe,
Pittypat and Tippytoe!

But when comes this thought to me:
"Some there are that childless be,"
Stealing to their little beds,
With a love I cannot speak,
Tenderly I stroke their heads---
Fondly kiss each velvet cheek.
God help those who do not know
A Pittypat or Tippytoe!

On the floor and down the hall,
Rudely smutched upon the wall,
There are proofs in every kind
Of the havoc they have wrought,
And upon my heart you'd find
Just such trade-marks, if you sought;
Oh, how glad I am 'tis so,
Pittypat and Tippytoe!

Eugene Field

Believing in Fairie World

Because it's as real as life...

True Fairies are Free in their Thoughts

Anyhow although it is good to be aware of change I still live in the

" Old Winnie Time "

That is my choice and I doubt it will change.

I am very rested under this large oak and quite content to stay here awhile, it is after all kind of magical ~ and we fairies absorb as much of the magical as we can !

The Real Truth of Winnie the Pooh

This a tribute to Winnie the Pooh. It was good in the beginning but as time went bye it became awful. ( I agree pops in Jenna )

The History of Winnie the Pooh:

During the first World War, troops from Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) were being transported to eastern Canada, on their way to Europe, where they were to join the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade.

When the train stopped at White River, Ontario, a lieutenant called Harry Colebourn bought a small female black bear cub for $20 from a hunter who had killed its mother.

He named her 'Winnipeg', after his hometown of Winnipeg, or 'Winnie' for short.

Winnie became the mascot of the Brigade and went to Britain with the unit.

When the Brigade was posted to the battlefields of France, Colebourn, now a Captain, took Winnie to the London Zoo for a long loan.

He formally presented the London Zoo with Winnie in December 1919 where he became a popular attraction and lived until 1934.

The bear was also very popular with Christopher Robin, son of author A.A. Milne. It was his favourite animal at the Zoo, and he often spent time inside the cage with it.

The bear was Christopher Robin's inspiration for calling his own teddy bear Winnie.....Winnie the Pooh (this teddy bear started out with the name of Edward Bear).

The name Pooh originally belonged to a swan, as can be seen in the introduction of Milne's 'When We Were Very Young'.
Pooh meets Tigger outside his house.

A.A. Milne started to write a series of books about Winnie the Pooh, his son Christopher Robin, and their friends in the 100-Acre-Wood.

These other characters, such as Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger, Kanga and Roo were also based on stuffed animals belonging to Christopher Robin.

The characters, Rabbit and Owl, were based on animals that lived, like the swan Pooh, in the surrounding area of Milne's country home, Cotchford Farm in Ashdown Forest, Sussex.

It is this area on which the 100-Acre-Wood was based.

'Winnie-the-Pooh' was published by Methuen on October 14th, 1926, the verses 'Now We are Six' in 1927, and 'The House at Pooh Corner' in1928.

All these books were illustrated in a beautiful way by E.H. Shepard, which made the books even more magical.

The Pooh-books became firm favorites with old and young alike and have been translated into almost every known language.

A conservative figure for the total sales of the four Methuen editions (including When We Were Very Young) up to the end of 1996 would be over 20 million copies.

These figures do not include sales of the four books published by Dutton in Canada and the States, nor the foreign-language editions printed in more than 25 languages the world over!

The Pooh-books had also been favorites of Walt Disney's daughters and it inspired Disney to bring Pooh to film in 1966.

In 1977 'the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh', the first feature-length animated film of Pooh was released.

In 1993, the Walt Disney Company acknowledged that Pooh Bear is second only to Mickey Mouse in their portfolio of the most-loved and trusted characters known to millions of people all over the world.

By 1996, after the second release of 'the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh', the Bear of Very Little Brain had proven to be more popular than any other Disney character. In 1997, twenty years after the release of the first feature-length animated film, Disney released 'Pooh's Grand Adventure', picking up where Disney's 22nd Masterpiece left off
In February 2000 Disney released the third Winnie the Pooh movie called 'The Tigger Movie', this time with the leading part for Tigger.

but the video is no longer available.

Canadian Heritage Commercial - Winnie The Pooh

London, early World War 1

Playing Sticks and Contemplating

A very favorite game of ours is playing sticks, there are many versions of this game but my favorite is just to watch them gently float downstream and out of site.

It a good contemplating or relaxing thing, a thing that is shared without any talking ~ its a meditation thing !

Before Disney jumped all over Winnie the Pooh and Co. with their lurid colors and not so authentic stories I clung onto the proper ( in my mind ) memories of A.A. Milne and friends and have all the books published in that era.

( Probably because I am English lol )

Some of the authentic history can be found here ~

This site is dedicated to the wonderful stories found in the books,
Winnie-The-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner, written by A. A. Milne and illustrated by E. H. Shepard.

These books were first published in the 1920s, and star the familiar characters of Piglet, Owl, Rabbit, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, Christopher Robin, and Edward Bear, commonly known as Winnie-the-Pooh.


Some general information about Pooh.
A chronology of the life of A. A. Milne.
Detailed information about A. A. Milne.
A biographical sketch on Christopher Milne, known as Christopher Robin.
Information about the illustrator, E. H. Shepard.
Some info about the area in which the Pooh stories are based.
Information about the toys.
How Pooh ended up with the name, Winnie.
Lyrics to the opening theme of the Disney Pooh shorts ever-popular Tigger song
Lyrics to Kenny Loggins' Return to Pooh Corner.
Awards that this site has received.
A page where I thank people that helped me with the creation of this site.
Interested in finding a Pooh book?
Now you can purchase books through my bookstore.

A bibliography of the sources I referred to in creating this page.

Look inside the pages of the 1928 book,
'The House at Pooh Corner' by A.A. Milne, as this is where the game is invented by Pooh Bear.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Arrival at Hundred Acre Wood

Guess where my new wings took me ~ by chance or on a whim I just happened to land in
one of my favorite places so I will visit with some of my very oldest friends who never stray far and are always delighted to welcome us all.

A new story from owl, a picnic or play sticks ~ there is always something new and exciting or old and familiar to do here ~

If you are interested in the Tao of Pooh here are two of my fave links ~

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Wing Day

Today I received a new pair of wings, I tried them on for size and am most impressed.

Now I will have to see where they take me and I bet it will be a fun time too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On or Off line Butterfly and Fairie Friends

If you are a fairie with butterfly wings you will know the pain often associated with the following video ~

So keep your friends and family close to your heart even if they are miles away ~ They may not be there for you the next day ~

Life can be cruel and take our most precious relationships from us early ~

I know ~ I accept but I do not always understand ~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interactive Fun with the Flower Fairies

A delightful site for those who like to interact with fairies, send e cards, browse and have fun, down load free wall papers and a multitude of other things ~

Tis really quite magical ~

Flower Fairies a closer look

Flower Fairies come alive in 3D ArtWork

Flower Fairies (text explanation from youtube)
















Flower Fairies

The much loved Artist and Poet

The Complete Book of Flower Fairies

By: Cicely Mary Barker.

Enjoy the classic, complete collection of Cicely Mary Barker's original Flower Fairies books in this brand-new edition.

This collector's favorite has been redesigned and now features a lavish, eye-catching jacket with silver foil.

The interior still includes all of the well-loved illustrations and poems from Barker's eight original books, as well as a selection of fairy rhymes.

Naturally this set is a standard in our family !

A Fairy Song

Over hill, over dale,

Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire!
I do wander everywhere,
Swifter than the moon's sphere;
And I serve the Fairy Queen,
To dew her orbs upon the green;
The cowslips tall her pensioners be;
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favours;
In those freckles live their savours;
I must go seek some dewdrops here,
And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.

William Shakespeare

I bet they had butterfly friends too ~

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Fairy Tale thats all too close to Home

This is very close to my heart for my own special reasons ~

Over Hill Dale and through Valleys below

Whats up with a 100 days

If you want to know more about co-creating your own reality in a workshop setting there is one online and can be found here ~

Its called the Hundred Day Reality Challenge ~
Its about Mastering Universal Laws and Principles.

You may think we have stayed far from Hundred Acre Wood but in fact my friends there have this down to a find art.

Well its time to throw caution to the wind once again and head out into the countryside to visit family and friends who were kind enough to invite me ~

I am looking forward to seeing the new born animals and wild flowers too.

My estimated time of arrival is unknown but that's just the way with Butterflies and Fairies too I do believe ~

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Butterfly Magic Carpet Flight

Sharing a Real Enchanted Forest

Here we get to step out of the Magical Realm and into the reality of Perth-shire in England where they put on a magical display every year ~ perhaps we have not have muddled up what is real and what is not ~ is it all an illusion ?

Much of the work I do with my friends on FaceBook we question this theory ~ and many more philosophical things apart from having fun !

Is everything an illusion , are we co-creators of our own reality ?

Much to think on here ~

Anyway here is the video ~ you can make up your own mind !

The event was created by The Forestry Commission Scotland and filmed by Glass Bullet Productions Ltd. It is put on yearly.

A Magical ViewPoint

One of the best things about being a free spirit is that we get to see the world from a lot of different perspectives ~

I am not sure if this in an innate thing or a learned thing but it sure is fun to share it with our family ~

One of my favorite perspectives is that of being in woodlands forests or anywhere amongst trees, tress hold a special energy, they are light beings of their own kind and in LOTR they were referred to as ENT's.....of course they played a good role too.

Here is one of my one of my very fave vids called Mystical Woods ~
I feel like I belong right inside there !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taking flight

Taking flight into uncharted lands for awhile ~

An adventure is always a worthwhile pursuit !

Anyone care to join me and fly off for the rest of the weekend ?

This is quite normal for me in my natural state, throw caution to the wind and take flight off to the wind over the tree tops and into the mountain meadows near where I used to live.

Why Metamorphosis one might ask

Easy ~
It was a day of decision but mostly of change for me in my personal and internet world which are rather combined, I try and separate the two but often they intermingle.

Anyway, I did not wish to be defined by others hence the title of this blog and I wanted to recapture some essence of my inner child which seemed to have gone untapped and astray for quite a while.

This is not the norm for me at all ~ even more reason to reconnect with what makes me tick and rethink on where I wanted to spread my wings.

I use metaphor and simile a lot ~
( I hope those are the correct words if they are not too bad lol ) because I relate a lot to nature, stories, children and Gaia ~ Mother Earth.

Not to mention the inhabitants of middle earth like fairies and such.

Today I still believe in ~ and apparently so do many others, that is why LOTR is so popular !

I wonder when that crew will start on filming the Hobbit ?

I must say I love adult fairy tales in fact most fairy tales are adult stories or fables.

More on that later ~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The ultimate example of metamorphosis is the butterfly ~
I have related to butterflies, flutterbys and flutterflys all my life in one form or another.

Be it free and wild, in a soft cocoon, in various art form and I share this love with family and friends ~

I have also been down many a rabbit hole but today I jumped over field and stream to venture into new ground with fresh grass a few orbs and a touch of magic.

The moss is green and lush, the air sweet and clean, free from contaminated greed and I can actually feel myself breathe........ ahhhhh !

Of course Hundred Acre Wood is nearby so a lot of my childhood friends are just a call or walk or even a fly away ~

We are a wealthy bunch, because we actually have real friends from all over this world and other galaxies that we can actually count on and each of us know our place and purpose and that means a lot to us.

Ahh I hear a call I think its time to fly off someplace to learn another lesson ~
I will be back soon ~