Sunday, September 6, 2009

On Art and Life

I would love to have a talk with each of you,

on Art and Life.

It is in our uniqueness,
that for each, 'The Dance' is different.
It is in this uniqueness,
that we each, are an expression of 'The Wholeness,'
Whatever meaning, you wish to ascribe to this...
I would love to know...

The joy is in the sharing.
Each one of you I sense are Lights.
On This Journey... this parenthesis in Eternity,
We call' Life'.....
We needs, bring all the light, we can, to this way.
Whether you perceive your journey by foot or by boat,
Whatever locomotion moves you,

I would love to know....
Whatever metaphor, brings Your Journey to meaningfulness....
Whichever tributary you choose,
In this moment to take You...
Back to Source.........
I would love to know...

What brings you to that place in Creation?
Where the dance begins; and from deep within,
a fountain of living water, bubbles up.
Unfolding in ever new, and more beautiful ways.
I would love to know..
I would love to know..

That we might share our understandings,
walk in each others shoes,
grow in love and empathy for our brother/sisters position,
whatever and wherever that is..
from a place of unconditional Agape and non judgement
And share the Joys of this most profound and moving
experience that we call Life.
I would Love to know...I would Love to know..

Each one of you better
That I may truly call you Friend,
and in Divine Time,
Know You, even as You are Known.
What a Dream...... Who has the courage...
To Share..........
I would Love to Know.

All the Blessings of life to each of you,
Wherever you are on the Journey.


( words from YouTube )

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