Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The ultimate example of metamorphosis is the butterfly ~
I have related to butterflies, flutterbys and flutterflys all my life in one form or another.

Be it free and wild, in a soft cocoon, in various art form and I share this love with family and friends ~

I have also been down many a rabbit hole but today I jumped over field and stream to venture into new ground with fresh grass a few orbs and a touch of magic.

The moss is green and lush, the air sweet and clean, free from contaminated greed and I can actually feel myself breathe........ ahhhhh !

Of course Hundred Acre Wood is nearby so a lot of my childhood friends are just a call or walk or even a fly away ~

We are a wealthy bunch, because we actually have real friends from all over this world and other galaxies that we can actually count on and each of us know our place and purpose and that means a lot to us.

Ahh I hear a call I think its time to fly off someplace to learn another lesson ~
I will be back soon ~

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